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We promote the use of eurhythmics among music and other arts.


The mission of the American Eurhythmics Society (AES) is to promote the use of eurhythmics among music and other arts educators. The AES provides education, outreach, and engagement on a national level. 

American Eurhythmics Summer Workshops

Summer, 2021

Registration is now open for our summer workshops. Check out the events page to see which workshop is near you. Graduate and PD credits available. 

Exploring Global Music Through Eclectic Approaches

Saturday, July 17, 2021


American Eurhythmics Society presents our virtual summer workshop. Join us in active music making sessions as we explore the world’s musical cultures through eclectic approaches.

Followed by a group Q&A session with all our presenters. Discount for members. 

Plastique Animée for All

From our 2020 AES CONFERENCE A must see!
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Board Members

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Kay Piña


Marla Butke

Past President

Rachel Kraft

vice-President / Social Media

Deborah Gibson


Kate Cremean


Clinton Pratt

At Large

Skye McManus

At Large

Eurhythmics contributes to the development of the individual beyond musical skills.

This approach also has application and value in the following areas:

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DEI Statement

The American Eurhythmics Society is committed to supporting the diverse musical cultures of the world. As a democratic organization run by and for its members, we will work to promote and support diversity, equity, and inclusion by: seeking to grow a more diverse and inclusive membership promoting research that supports DEI issues sharing and creating DEI teacher resources including diverse musical cultures through song, purposeful movement, dance, and joyful expression respecting movement that looks different across cultures and abilities We believe that caring for our members, practitioners, and students starts with a culture that preserves and protects diversity, equity, and inclusion.