Exploring Global Music Through Eclectic Approaches

Summer 2021 Virtual Workshop

We will have the videos up shortly.

Natasha Thurman

Exploring Korean Culture Through Arirang

Learn about Korean culture through the folk song, Arirang, and experience the exploration of another culture via a different perspective.

Simin Fani Schumaker

Iranian Children's Songs and Games for All Music Classrooms

In this interactive session, Fani will share accessible children’s singing/chanting games from her childhood in Iran, as well as from her own scholarly research on the genre.

Skye McManus

The Flower Song of the Philippines

Experience activities to develop music literacy through movement using “Sasara” from the Philippines.

Elizabeth Jaakola

Respectfully Teaching Native American Music

“Lyz” Jaakola will present a brief introduction about Native American (specifically Ojibwe) music in the classroom. History of music education by, for, and about American Indians and how it informs the current climate in American education. This session will include suggestions on repertoire, methods and lessons for non-Native teachers from a Native professional with 29 years of experience.