Research Survey Assistance


The American Eurhythmics Society provides research assistance to student and professional members who are engaged in survey research and whose applications to survey our membership are approved by the AES leadership. The following conditions apply:



• Researcher must be an AES member

• Researcher may request one project per year

• Research pays a $50 (USD) fee for an approved survey

• Researcher may use Qualtrics, Google Forms, or Surveymonkey as the survey platform

• AES leadership evaluates the request and responds within two weeks

• AES sends the survey with one follow-up E-mail.

Please submit the following information (below) as a PDF to


• Name

• E-mail

• Phone Number

• Institution Affiliation

• Professional Status (student, practicing teacher, professor, etc.)


• Project Title

• IRB Protocol including approval documentation

• Background, purpose, and rationale (250-word limit)

• Introduction and request to be included in the initial E-mail

• Follow-up request to be included in the second E-mail

• Research Questions

• How the AES membership will be able to view the results of the survey (150-word limit)

• Link to the survey