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President: Marla Butke  mbutke@otterbein.edu

Vice-President:     Kay PiƱa  kaylpina@gmail.com

Secretary:  Deborah Gibson  dgrahamgibson@sbcglobal.net

Treasurer:  David Frego  david.frego@psu.edu

Social Media:  Rachel Kraft kraft1013@gmail.com

At Large:  Steven Robbins texaseurhythmics@outlook.com

At Large:  Skye McManus  skyecmcmanus@gmail.com

The mission of the American Eurhythmics Society (AES) is to promote the use of eurhythmics among music and other arts educators. The AES provides education, outreach, and engagement on a national level. 

Please consider joining us and learning skills that can enhance your teaching.